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The word “Probiotic” comes from the Greek language. “Pro” means “for” and “biotikos” means “life”. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “Probiotics are live microorganisms that, given in the right amount, have a beneficial effect on health.”

Recently, significant progress has been made in understanding the intestinal microbiota and probiotics role as a determinant of good health. In the human digestive tract live even 100 trillion of various microorganisms types. A significant part of them has a beneficial effect on the human body, determining its fully proper functioning.

Taking probiotic supplements and specially designed probiotic functional foods supports our health comprehensively. Consuming probiotics increases the number and variety of beneficial microorganisms colonizing our intestines.

Why are they so important to us?

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Positive probiotics properties are now widely used in health prevention. The properties of probiotics are mainly associated with their beneficial effects on the digestive tract by regulating the intestinal peristalsis, participate in the digestion and absorption of nutrients and the ability to produce bioactive postbiotics and essential vitamins of the B group and vitamin K.

Regular supplementation and probiotic prevention can prevent many disorders efficiently, including diarrhea caused by antibiotic treatment, bacterial and functional diarrhea, constipation and bloating. Probiotics are also used as supplements, among others in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), bacterial and fungal intestinal infections and food allergies. However, their positive effect is not limited only to the gastrointestinal tract.

Intestine colonization by beneficial strains of probiotic bacteria is necessary for the whole organism proper functioning.

How do probiotics affect health ?

About us

Living Food company is a producer of multi-strain probiotic products in liquid form. We specialize in the production of probiotic drinks, drink concentrates and probiotic supplements in a liquid form, containing a blend of live and active probiotic bacteria cultures. Our products have been recognized by consumers and specialists in the field of dietetics and human nutrition for years. They are widely used and recommended in probiotic supplementation and health prevention as part of a daily, balanced diet.

Years of work and efforts to obtain the best quality products led to the fact that the brand JOY DAY is known and recognized not only in Poland. We have earned the trust also Austrian, Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish, English, Irish, and Chinese consumers.

Where to buy?

The full assortment of Joy Day probiotic products is available online and at numerous stores and pharmacies.

Our products are very popular, among others in leading chains of ecological stores (Organic Farma Zdrowia, Vital – Strefa Zdrowego Zycia, Magia Natury – Lublin, Bio Market Family), diet clinics and pharmacy chains (Gemini, Cosmedica, Ziko, Olmed, Apteka Zawisza Czarny). We also sell products dedicated to sportsmen with great success.

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